New Season, New Coach, New Questions

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New Season, New Coach, New Questions Empty New Season, New Coach, New Questions

Post  OneMD on Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:34 pm

24-7 Ole Miss over Miami. This is written on the black board in the locker room and the coaches office. Obviously its still fresh in Coach OneMD's mind and the players and the fans. After a promising season, Miami lost its head coach to the NFL and didnt bother tostick around for the bowl game. Alot of fans wish he would have. The scramble for a replacement had Miami grab an unknown with no experience. It is his first head coaching gig. Every great coach starts by learning a system and philosophy from another great coach. Hopefully we got a jimmy johnson and not a paul hackett. There are many things you could look at that contributed to the bowl game blowout such as new faces, little prep time, different offense and so on and so on. "We have a new offense in place now and i have gotten to know these players but that 24-7 score is a reminder of how far we have to go" says OneMD. Hopefully at the end of the season, those questions will be answered with a Yes.


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